Goodbye, spreadsheets.

The easiest way to manage product requests from customers.

Escape the chaos from Jira and shared spreadsheets.

Duplicate entries, missing context, and competing priorities can quickly turn into mayhem. We help Customer Success, Sales, and Product teams easily organize and collaborate on product requests.
"I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Something that just works."

Sumeet Ganju, VP Product

icon-1Blazing fast search.
Find existing feedback and add to it in seconds.
How we enable
Customer Success & Sales

Customer facing teams encounter product requests and feedback every day. We help your teams answer:

Has this been requested by other customers?
Which product manager should I send this to?
Are there any updates from Product regarding this request?
How do I tell Product this feature will help win a sale?

How we enable
Product Teams

Insights seem to come in from everywhere. We help Product cut through the noise by answering:

What is the revenue impact of this request?
What are top requests by product area or theme?
How can I make sure details aren't missing?
How do I spend less time answering feature roadmap questions?

icon-1Total revenue impact.
See revenue impact and relevant customer context.

Roadmap updates in seconds.
Things change. Keep internal teams and stakeholders updated at every turn.

Giving ETAs on upcoming features is never simple. Safely communicate delivery timeframes with the necessary context to best manage expectations.
Get the bird's eye view or drill down to the details that matter.

Quantify your roadmap's impact by product area, product manager, or common themes. Get rich status updates so Customer Success & Sales can communicate upcoming features with confidence.

Integrate with existing workflows in Jira & Salesforce.
Supercharge your feedback workflow.